Pinewood Waterproof Hunting Gloves

13th Jan, 2016

Soft, warm, beautiful hunting gloves. They claim to be waterproof...can this be true?


TESTED in a bucket of water and a hike in the snow. 

ROCKBROS T6 CREE Bicycle Light

13th Jan, 2016

A budget LED bicycle headlight, with a USB cable to plug in to your power bank.


Will it light up the way?!

OUTAD Cookware & Pot Set

13th Jan, 2016

A video review of cookware, pans and a kettle. A nice little set, for an attractive price.


Can it handle the wood stove?!

Rain Gear: Pinewood & Viking

6th August, 2015

A video review of Pinewood Lappland Extreme waterproof clothing, and Viking Boots.


Out in the rain, will I stay dry?!

Pinewood Texas Shirt

22nd April, 2015

A medium-weight shirt for getting out and about in the woods, camping, bushcrafting for what ever you get up to...


It's the Texas Shirt. Grab it while it's available! Just £15!

Pinewood Lappland Extreme Jacket

21st April, 2015

If you enjoy the outdoors and get out in all weathers, it's important to have the right clothing for the task. If you're out in wind and rain, you need a jacket that's windproof, waterproof and breathable.


Is the Lappland Extreme Jacket up to the job?

Pinewood Prestwick Exclusive Shirt

20th April, 2015

Shirts have become a favourite item of clothing for me recently, cotton or flannel shirts to be more precise. They are more versatile than a jumper, with the ability to button or unbutton to suit the temperature. They are tough, warm and don't look out of place anywhere!


How good is the Prestwick?